**Imaginary Voices** - first single from Wayfarin'


Jonathan Shearman ® – Piano (composer) 
Austin Deadman ® – Voice, vocal production 
Darius Katz (i) – Synthesizer 
Neil Floyd (i) – Bass 
Pete Simmonds (i) - Guitars 
Chad Winkler (i) - Drums 
Raymundo Gonzales (i) - percussion 

The world has become an echo chamber. Memes ricochet through endless networks, image becomes reality, reality morphs into fevered dreams. Swipe right to connect, left for limbo. It can be hard to know what’s imaginary (i) or for real ®. Yet when the time comes in this dream-within-a-dream world, a real connection has to be made, a real choice has to be taken. ‘The heart has its ways’ -  and that is the way which must be followed. 

Imaginary Voices is a richly layered poem to the ‘single word inside the heart’, a word left unsaid - because she can’t quite bring herself to say it! Imaginary Voices has its musical roots in great sixties songs, Caribbean rhythms and Broadway showtunes, spiced with subtle jazz-influenced harmonies. Listen, and listen again.  

‘Generally, especially in pop music, the vocals get the centre of the attention, but I love how in this song they’re part of the instruments’ ~ Daniel Deelchand